Online Baby Product Sales in the US Market


Online Baby Product selling and marketing has become a very large club in the US Market. In 2013 it was estimated that US market on baby products (toys, baby formulas, baby strollers) was approximately $23 billion. As per another estimate, by 2018more than 6000 companies will be interested to sell their Baby products (Baby clothing, Grooming Products, Baby Strollers and Baby formula etc.) online.

Although, arriving relatively late on the scene for online buying and selling, Online Baby Products sales through the internet may very well work for advantages for those companies who want to work their way by selling their way via the internet.


While many buyers may still be interested in buying products for their babies off the shelf in a traditional way, innovating continuously is the key factor for surviving in such a market niche where buyers have so many options to choose from. For example, innovative and new designs for baby strollers on the internet from those available over the shelves may be a deciding factor for many buyers looking for such products for their babies.

The online sales for baby products including baby strollers grew at an annual rate of 14.5% from 2008 to 2013 to approximately $5.6 billion.

Baby Formulas, Grooming Items etc.

Many baby product companies are now marketing, advertising and selling Baby Formulas, Baby Grooming Items, and Clothing items on their websites. Many buyers may still think that this is unwanted but as for the changing trend many families not refer to internet for buying such items for their infants.

Many companies not employ people to market baby products through famous sites like Amazon, Buy Buy Baby. Millions of users of smartphones in the US now have the option to order their products online with ease.

Competing on Price

Many buyers have the option to compare different baby products e.g. Baby Strollers, their specifications, features and price among the products being offered by many companies on the net.

Around 4 million babies are born every year in the US, so the manufacturers of the baby products have to continuously innovate on the features of their products and the price according to the ever increasing and ever changing customer needs.


There may be some difficulties faced by the companies to sell their products through the internet as there could be many families who would be very concerned about the product before buying them. They may not be willing to spend money on a e.g., baby stroller which they have seen on a company’s website or on Amazon. The degree of such concern depends on the fact that if those buyers have already done business with that company online. In case they have and if they have ahad a pleasant experience in buying the product online, they may be less concerned in buying online. Yet there will be a stereotypical barrier which many seller, selling the baby products online may have to cross in order to market and sell their products using e- commerce and succeed accordingly in giving the sales of their baby products a boost.…

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Baby care market in the US: Baby strollers


The baby market might be one of the most popular as well as fast-growing markets out there today. The industry is huge and with so many new babies it is still growing but aside from that there is always new products with new features out that makes life a bit calmer for all the new fathers and mothers out there. So to start let’s look at baby strollers.

Baby strollers:

This is an essential item for all new parents but with the wide range available it is not always the easiest choice to make when choosing one to buy. With all the different brands and also different types some parent might be a little overwhelmed when choosing.

Why get a baby stroller?

Well, truthfully it makes life a little easier as it is easier for the parents and more comfortable for our little ones. They are stress-free to take with you, and it also makes it possible for you to still carry your shopping and all other essential bags. It is also soothing for your baby and they do provide a bit more safety.

Which one should you choose?

Standard size stroller:

This will be your traditional stroller. They might differ from brand some will offer car seat adapters and reclined seats. They are comfortable and offer ample storage. Unfortunately, most of them do not offer enough realignment for infants to sleep safely and comfortably.

Car seat frame:

These are a little less known but they are definitely becoming popular under the new parents these days especially for the first 6 – 12 month of their babies life and I must say they are a great choice. They have a car seat frame which might sound a bit strange but it comes in handy due to it being light and easy to use.

Double strollers:

This is an ideal stroller for those parents lucky enough to have twins. The two seats are side by side. This would be perfect if you had 2 kids as well that is still young enough to ride in a stroller it does make life a bit easier. They are between 21-36 lbs so at least it is not too heavy. They also fit into most of the standard doorways. The car seat frames are also available in doubles if you prefer them for your twins.


Jogging strollers are becoming more popular these days. They have large air-filled tyres and also are equipped with shock absorbers. The design will ensure that the impact of all the bumps and curbs are reduced.

Triple strollers:

These will be for triplets or if you have 3 kids. They have seats next to each other or back to back. They offer comfort and are also easy to get around.

You also get the bundle stroller which is both a normal stroller but includes a car seat and can be fitted pretty easy.

Strollers are easily assembled and they are a great accessory to take with on trips or even on vacations.…

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Baby and stroller China 2016

Baby and stroller China 2016

Some of the largest fairs for toys being organized in china, are offering plenty of things for parents to look forward to. There is a lineup of some great baby and stroller china, 2016, which promises much for the travel needs of children. The fair also offers plenty of other things to look forward to, such as toys and educational items for children, but for parents of young children, the baby stroller category is one of the top things to consider.

The trade fair is also a good place to pick up products and liaison with exhibitors, should there be sellers looking to use these products for their home markets. These products offer quality and good price, so they are perfect for those looking for the best in baby strollers.

Here are some of the top reasons to consider baby strollers from China 2016.

Baby and stroller China 2016

Good design-

Lightweight and easy to transport, these are perfect for parents looking for a convenient way to carry baby out during walks or travels. The design also offers plenty of additional features such as unisex use. Some strollers are suitable for children up to 36 months of age. There are products that have comfortable width for fitting children in, and they offer perfect size whether the child is seated or lying down. Adjustable support for feet is another reason to look at these products, which offer topnotch support and comfort for the child.

Durable –

What makes these strollers durable is the materials used for construction. Some of the strollers are built of aluminum, which is lightweight and stainless steel, known for its toughness. The strollers are also rust proof. The fabric is soft, flexible, but robust enough to carry weight, and additionally, offers comfort to baby soft skin.


The carriages come with shock absorbers of the spring type and also, brakes on wheels. They offer things such as webbing, shoulder straps and thick materials for wheels, for added safety. The awning can be adjusted to protect against sun and rain, and also, there are options for reorienting the backrest for easier rest for the child.

Wholesale pricing –

For buyers looking at bulk purchase, samples for unique specifications can be made quickly available. For those who decide to buy, there are plenty of other incentives, such as low price, specifically for bulk orders. The orders can be made available quickly. there are plenty of designs to choose from, and the strollers are available in a diversity of sizes , fabrics, and features.


Baby and stroller china 2016 can be shipped within or outside the country, quickly and using reliable shipping services. the stroller weight is an important factor relating to cost of shipping, and it also has a bearing on how much parents will like the product. Usually, these products are no heavier than 8-10 kilograms, making them perfect for those looking for quality items from china.

Considering these factors, it makes sense to invest in this high quality, safe products, whether you are looking at the China market or planning to ship the products overseas, keeping up with growing demand.…

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